FAQ for the New CTE Teacher Training Course


What is the New CTE Teacher Training course?

Often new career/technical instructors are hired fresh from industry with no prior teaching experience or formal training before entering the classroom. Seminars and training sessions may be required at some point, but it is often after the teacher has already been placed in the classroom. These teachers are faced with immediate problems in attempting to reach students for instructional content.

The New CTE Teacher Training course is designed to give newly-hired instructors the background they need to teach both classroom and lab/shop instruction. This course helps new instructors understand how to teach career/technical classes and also teaches the difference between CTE teaching and academic teaching. Each module of the course provides detailed information necessary to begin the first year of teaching, helping to avoid some of the stress that comes with not knowing what to do or how to do it.

How is the New CTE Teacher Training course constructed?

The course is divided into five modules. Information is presented through lesson content and handouts or extra resources. Each of the five modules concludes with a quiz on the material presented. After all five sections are completed, and all quizzes are passed, the participant will receive a certificate of completion indicating they have successfully completed the New CTE Teacher Training course.

How much time will it take an instructor to complete the course?

Participants can work through the course at their own pace. Naturally, some will work faster or slower than others. Some may be able to devote an entire day to the course, whereas others may need to work in shorter time periods as their schedule allows. The course is available for approximately three weeks, although it is not expected it will take a participant this entire amount of time.

Will participants receive a certificate?

Yes. After the course is completed and all quizzes are passed, the participant will receive a certificate of completion indicating they have successfully completed the New CTE Teacher Training course.

What if a participant does not pass the quizzes at the end of each module?

Participants are automatically given two chances to take each quiz, with only the highest score recorded. If a passing score is not received after the second quiz, our instructors will work individually with the participant to help them understand the lesson material. Instructors are available throughout the course to offer assistance and answer questions for all participants.

What material is covered in the New CTE Teacher Training course?

The course covers five modules: Classroom, Shop, and Lab Management; Lesson Plans; Methods; Teaching and Learning; and, Student Evaluation. An outline of each course is covered here.

Is an online instructor available for questions or individual help?

Yes. Participants have access to a forum within the course where instructors are available to answer questions and offer assistance. In addition, emails for the instructors are available and posted on the course pages.

How much does the New CTE Teacher Training course cost?

The cost is $125 per person. This covers the entire course offered over an approximate three-week period. Payment is accepted by purchase order, credit card, or school check.

How do I register my instructors?

A registration form is provided online. The registration form is designed so that one contact person can register all participating instructors at one time. A name and email address is necessary for each registered instructor. We use the name and email address to create login information which will be emailed back to each person. Since these are newly-hired instructors who are being registered, please ensure their email addresses are already active so they can receive the login information. If they have not yet been assigned an email, please use another email for someone who can forward the login information to them.

Can my instructors register themselves?

It is preferable that all instructors are registered by a contact person at each institution; however, an individual instructor may certainly register his/herself by using the same registration form.

What are the computer requirements?

Any device that can access the Internet can access the course. The course is presented through the Moodle learning platform. Moodle will run in any browser, on computers, tablets, and most phones.

What if I have additional questions?

If you need more information, please contact us:

Discover Teaching / The Resource Center

Contact us by email.