Description – New CTE Teacher Training Course


Often new career/technical instructors are hired fresh from industry with no prior teaching experience or formal training before entering the classroom. Seminars and training sessions may be required at some point, but it is often after the teacher has already been placed in the classroom. These teachers are faced with immediate problems in attempting to reach students for instructional content.

The New CTE Teacher Training course is designed to give newly-hired instructors the background they need to teach both classroom and lab/shop instruction. This course helps new instructors understand how to teach career/technical classes and also teaches the difference between CTE teaching and academic teaching. Each module of the course provides detailed information necessary to begin the first year of teaching, helping to avoid some of the stress that comes with not knowing what to do or how to do it.

The course is divided into five modules. Information is presented through lesson content and handouts or extra resources. Each of the five modules concludes with a quiz on the material presented. After all five sections are completed, and all quizzes are passed, the participant will receive a certificate of completion indicating they have successfully completed the New CTE Teacher Training Course.

This course is scheduled for availability on a three-week time frame. This allows instructors to complete the training at their own pace.

The course covers five modules:

Classroom, Shop, and Lab Management

This module takes a look at the responsibilities of the career/technical teacher in the classroom and shop/lab, including establishing rules, controlling tools, maintaining an inventory, maintaining and replacing equipment, keeping records, and recording student progress.

Lesson Plans

The Lesson Plans module explains how to develop good lesson plans. It includes lesson plan formats, the components that need to be included, how to identify integrated skills, how to choose an instructional strategy, and how to develop instructional sheets for student use.


In this module, you’ll explore the different types of teaching, from traditional lecture and demonstration to critical thinking and project-based learning. Also included is information on the pros and cons of each method of teaching, and tips on giving classroom presentations.

Teaching and Learning

The Teaching and Learning module explains what it takes to be a teacher. Then it delves into how students learn and why it is important to adapt teaching methods to meet the needs of student learning styles.

Student Evaluation

The last module in this program covers how to assess student learning. You’ll look at the different types of tests, from written to performance, and the best uses of each one.