Jul 172016

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Courses designed to be used as orientation and training for new teachers recently hired or as professional development for experienced teachers.

New Teacher Training

Many new teachers enter the classroom without formal training or teaching experience. Although proficient in their skills areas, they may need direction in managing the classroom, handling discipline problems, planning daily lesson plans, integrating innovative teaching techniques, and developing testing material.

The Discover Teaching program gives new teachers a chance to enter the classroom with skills they can use right away. New teachers will be more confident because they are not struggling to stay one step ahead of the students in the beginning.

Professional Development

Continuous learning is an important component of staying ahead in the teaching field. Staying up-to-date on new techniques, opportunities, and technology offers an important advantage to both the teacher and the student.

Program Validation

Information presented in this program was developed from the experience of teacher-educators with over 50 years of combined experience in career/technical classrooms, new teacher training, instructional materials development, program evaluations, professional development seminars, and occupational skill training workshops.

The Discover Teaching program is not intended to substitute for a degree in the educational field, but rather to enrich and extend existing knowledge, initiate ideas that can be transferred to a teacher’s own classroom, and provide professional development credit for those who do not have time to enroll in traditional classes.